Community Outreach

An Unconventional Youth Ministry

At Mid-Coast, our Youth Ministry is wide-reaching while still being inside our building!  In line with our approach to the mission-ability of our building, we share our home with several community groups who work with young people.  Our building offers the physical space they need in a safe environment; and we are intentional about supporting the groups and including them in the life of our church.

GirlScoutsThere are three Girl Scout troops that meet at MCPC.  The scouts participate in worship on Girl Scout Sundays (they share Scout Cookies at Fellowship Hour!), are helpful stewards of our building, and their energy and enthusiasm are a great addition to the annual unloading of the pumpkins in October!

MYTatMCPCOur large fellowship hall and flexible sanctuary space is great for theater and music groups. Midcoast Youth Theater (100 youth strong and active year-round) calls MCPC home for their auditions, rehearsals, and cast parties. A youth orchestra uses our sanctuary for concerts. (And several adult choral groups rehearse or hold concerts in our building as well – we are all children of God!)


MCPC out in the Community

We love that folks in the area know us as “The Pumpkin Church”.
pumpkin-patch-e1534510591558.jpg It  is a wonderful example of the church opening it’s doors and the community responding. These are some of the places that ministry is happening at Mid-Coast.

310839_298954536787762_205394632810420_1430268_487622666_nPumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! MCPC’s annual Pumpkin Patch is a lightning rod for the community –  Neighbors look forward to the arrival of the pumpkins and the orange blanket on our front lawn. Grown in New Mexico on Navajo Nation land, pumpkins arrive mid-October, and scouts, youth theater folks, and an assortment of members, family and friends help with the unloading of about 1000 pumpkins!

From late spring and into fall, you will find a small group of MCPC folks at the Brunswick Farmer’s Market.  The main reason we go is to simply be present in the community.  It is a joy meeting new people and sharing fellowship with passers-by.  While we’re there, we also share about MCPC, and even have some craft items, baked goods, and preserves & relish for sale.

Sometimes a visitor to the area stops and says “Hi”, drawn to our table because they are a member of a Presbyterian Church in their home town. Talk about a connected church! MCPC at the Farmer’s Market began in 2015. Our table is now at the Friday Brunswick Farmer’s Market from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (weather permitting).

In the Fall of 2022, Coastal Shores Assisted Living, in Brunswick, called to ask about MCPC coming to lead a hymn-focused service for their residents. The Board of Deacons coordinates this now monthly visit to Coastal Shores.
Even with memory impairment, everyone remembers the hymns they sang growing up. It is incredible to see the recognition and delight in each face, connecting with folks as we sing.

Bright StartIt is our joy to provide space and support to the Bright Start Early Childhood Center which serves children ages 2 1/2 through 5. Bright Start provides a high quality learning environment and loving atmosphere. more information…

The Christmas Fair is a special (and busy) time of year at Mid-Coast.  This annual event, held in mid-November, serves as both fellowship and fundraiser.  PW (Presbyterian Women) leads the event. Congregation and community enjoy the spirit of community at this event. Arguably the best part of the fair is the jams, jellies, relishes, and baked goods for sale.  YUM! The fair also sells Christmas items and crafts, and light lunch fare.

MCPC supporting Community Organizations

MCPC also recognizes that we have a role in supporting the work of existing community organizations. Mid-Coast was a part of the creation of some, and has affiliated with others over the years as church members felt called to service in the community.

MCPC is a covenant church with Habitat for Humanity and participated in founding the local chapter. Our activities include local builds, fundraising walks, and working at ReStore. We had the joy to host the 2018 HFH-7 Rivers fundraising walk!

Tedford, active throughout Maine, offers shelter and homeless prevention services.  MCPC participates in their Meal-A-Month program in Brunswick, providing a nutritious meal for 20 every 4th Monday of the month.

TGPThe Gathering Place is a Brunswick community center for anyone who wants a warm, safe and (usually) quiet place where they can find coffee and snacks, puzzles, books, card games, a computer, people to talk to or just a quiet corner to rest in. Several members of MCPC were part of its creation; and our 2017 Reverse Advent Baskets included support for The Gathering Place.

The Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program includes a Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, and Food Pantry. MCPC supports MCHPP through collecting food for their Thanksgiving Baskets, food donations at our Fall Fashion Fling, and as recipients of our Reverse Advent Baskets.