Rev. Diane Hoppe Hugo

Welcome to Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church

Our Pastor, Rev. Diane Hoppe Hugo

Our  pastor is the Reverend Diane Hoppe Hugo. Diane’s favorite part of ministry is the conversation and lively discussion around Bible study and theological issues. Throughout her life and ministry she has been committed to all aspects of inclusiveness; this commitment was strengthened through the journey of raising of her autistic son.

Originally from California, she earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School.  From there, she went on to serve congregations in New York City and New Jersey.  For many years, she was a summer visitor in MCPC’s congregation — little did she know one day she’d be our pastor!

Pumpkins Arrive DHH 10.6.19 cropped

Pastor Diane hangin’  out at 2019’s Pumpkin Unload!

Diane brings a unique perspective to the pulpit: She is a former cocktail waitress and manager with over 10 years in the hospitality industry; she was ordained in 1994 at Calvary Presbyterian Church on Staten Island where she had her first child; after the birth of her second child, she spent 8 years as a “stay-at-home mom” before she returned to parish ministry at MCPC in 2009.


From Diane’s Annual Report, January 2018…

This report must begin with thanksgiving; thanksgiving for your love and support, for your faithful dedication to the ministry of this church, and for all that God has accomplished in and through this wonderful congregation.

It has certainly been a “Mary year” for me as I’ve had much time to “sit at the feet of the Lord.” Quarterly retreat with the Transforming Community  [and] the three months between retreats find me steeped in new aspects of spiritual rhythms and lots of reading.

I am grateful to have brothers and sisters with which to work out the difficult issues of our time and to discern our call to live and serve as a reconciling community to a world in need of healing. I thank God for each and every one of you and the opportunity to be reminded, every Sunday, to “go from this place remembering what we have done here today; remembering what God has done here today.” God is indeed good, all the time.

Diane resides in Brunswick along with her husband, Buckley J. Hugo, son Tad and daughter Magdalyn.  You may contact her at  She is also on Facebook.

Some of Diane’s Favorite Websites
Camp POSTCARD (Police Officers Striving To Create And Reinforce Dreams) – a free week-long program to mentor and encourage kids while improving their perceptions of law enforcement
Lent Madness – a Lenten journey learning about and from the Saints of the church and of the world