our mission statement & our why:

In 2012, MCPC participated in New Beginnings, an intentional look at who we are and who we are called to be. Our current mission statement came from that time of study. We are called:
To be in partnership with God to transform ourselves, our community, and our world.


… through Worship, Study, Fellowship & Mutual Care

in partnership with God to transform our communities

…through Community Outreach, Sharing our Home, & Bright Start Child Care Center

in partnership with God to transform our world

…through Connectional Ministry, a Matthew 25 & an Earth Care Congregation, Sudanese Fellowship (Portland, ME), J.Z.S. Ncevu Connection

In 2019, an all-church retreat invited us to again at our mission statement. what resulted was not a new mission statement but the why to our call in mission. Our Why:
To Live and Act with Christ’s love so that all are Uplifted, Supported, & Connected


September 28, 2019 found the members and friends of MCPC gathered to look forward and discern where God might be calling MCPC in the coming years. Led by, Rev. Alan Baughcum, we first considered where we have been, identifying and sharing stories of times we felt most proud to be associated with MCPC. The sharing of the past led to considering what was it that made those experiences significant. Which in turn led us to consider WHY it is that we do the things we do here at MCPC—our BECAUSE to our Mission Statement.

Pastor Diane noted that “the special significance of this Why statement is that it came out of the lived experience of members of MCPC and is already happening.” For each thing that happens at MCPC, it is our hope and prayer that if someone were to ask, “Why do you do that?” the answer would be, first and foremost, “to live and act with Christ’s love so that all are uplifted, supported, and connected.”

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