in partnership with God to transform our world

MCPC is a supporting partner with the Sudanese Fellowship in Portland100_0641This congregation is part of the PCUSA’s 1001 New Worshipping Community Initiative. Multiple members of our congregation meet with the leadership of this NWC to provide advice and consultation as the Fellowship continues to grow.



Our congregation also has a Connection Agreement that places the Session of Mid-Coast 29665467_1752065874832180_5977461415585448332_oPresbyterian Church in relationship with J.Z.S. Ncevu Memorial Church of Queenstown, South Africa.  Through this agreement we share information about our congregations and communities, gain a better understanding of God’s call, and exchange prayer requests, news, and visits.



MCPC is also connected to ministry in the world through PC(USA) Special Offerings and our Alternative Christmas Market that offers world-impacting gifts.


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