Civil Discourse Policy



Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church
Statement on Civil Discourse

We hold ourselves accountable to this statement in our dialogs.  And any group that uses our building must sign this as part of their building use agreement. It is adapted from the Maine Council of Churches Civil Discourse Covenant.


Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church is open to all people and offers its meeting spaces to a wide variety of groups and events. As part of our mission, we offer our spaces for many purposes, including public discourse on a wide range of topics. The views and opinions expressed by those who use our building for presentations or meetings do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the congregation of Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church. And, as a denomination that proclaims “mutual forbearance” to be a foundational principal of our denomination we require:


  • That all who use our building act respectfully toward others, including those of differing opinions, and to attempt to understand others’ points of view.
  • To refrain from personal attacks, while maintaining the right to vigorously disagree.
  • To refrain from making statements which characterize opponents of a particular position or opinion as evil.
  • To refuse to make untrue statements in defense of any position.
  • To value honesty, truth and civility while striving to find workable solutions.


I have read the above statements and agree to abide by these requirements for civil discourse while using any space in the buildings of Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church.

Adopted by the Session of MCPC, May 2018