Sharing Our Home

Our building is completely handicap accessible. One can go from the parking lot to our sanctuary and our fellowship hall on a completely flat surface without any stairs.

Many people in the 21st century have no idea what goes on inside a church. By inviting community groups into our space, they are seeing the ongoing life of the church. And it is not just letting them use the space, it is also inviting them to be in community together with Mid-Coast.
It’s not just about Sundays!

MCPC’s facility – both building and grounds – is a mission in and of itself. We are blessed with a sanctuary with chairs that can be easily moved, with a large fellowship hall and kitchen, lots of rooms, a great backyard and playground, and a big parking lot.

The mission-ability of our building is a big piece of who we are.  Besides MCPC worship, study, service, and fellowship, our building is used by many groups from surrounding communities. We welcome musical groups, choruses & orchestras; scouts; social groups; and of course the Bright Start Center that calls MCPC home. We even have hosted neighbors who needed overflow parking space for special events.

Building users often pitch in for special events like the Pumpkin Patch, Spring Cleaning, and, recently, our drive to pay off the mortgage.