Presbyterian Women at MCPC in 2014 … from the Annual Report


All women of the church are “Presbyterian Women” and are invited to participate in all of the activities that are offered by PW, which is also the de facto Hospitality Coordinator. Under our current organization, the Coordinating Team (CT) has suspended the by-laws and the CT sets the schedule for the year as well as, determines how any money raised by various activities will be spent (with the exception of collections for the Thank Offering and the Birthday Offering which are designated by the National office of PW. The coordinating team meets annually to set a schedule of events, and as needed, to make determinations regarding anything else in our province such as memorial receptions or other events we host.

In 2013 it was our sad duty and our great honor to provide a memorial reception for Norma Carroll. In addition we lost Alice Mason, Mac Cary, and Lois Wilcox, who also made important contributions to PW activities.

Activities for the year included leading the congregation on PW Sunday, the “We Survived Winter Brunch” at Mae’s Cafe, and the “Fall Fashion Fling for Food” where we exchange “gently-worn gems” with each other and enjoy an impromptu fashion show of our discoveries in addition to collecting canned goods for MCHPP. The annual MCPC retreat was held at the Topsham Library where Pastor Diane led us in several spiritual disciplines. In September we held a Cookie Baking Marathon to make cookies for the Christmas Fair which was held on November 8.

Once again, the fair was a great success with many hands pitching in and fun for all. The fact that the fair runs so smoothly is due in large part to the organization and hard work of Laurye Wilcox and Joanna Damon. Many thanks to both of them.

The “Christmas Tea” was held at the Highland Green’s Community Center (a wonderful space that is accessible to all!). The event was hosted by Nancy Alberto and a large group of women (and one delightful young woman) enjoyed tea, good food and fellowship. Thank you Nancy Aliberto for arranging this.

Our thanks go also to Louise Owens who served as the moderator of PW for many years (and now enjoys the FLA sun), as well as to Joanna Damon, Marci Clark, Shirley Reese, and Joan Coop, who served as the Coordinating Team for the past year. On the reverse side of this report is a tentative schedule for 2015 so that you can all save the dates! Get them on your calendar so you don’t miss out.

 Our prayer is that more women of the congregation will participate in the upcoming events and even more , we pray for more leadership from those who can bring ideas from their own past PW experiences. May we also be blessed with an ongoing small group study to strengthen the unique bonds women share. Amen.

PW Events coming up in 2015
~ More opportunities for “Faith in Community”

March 8                PW Sunday/Girl Scout Sunday – Celebrate the Gifts of Women

March 20 or 21   Ladies (and girls) night out, Go to Clay Play and out to dinner

April 11                 Spring Clean the church – company’s coming

April 12                 We Survived Winter Brunch – location to be determined

April 25                 Host the “Leadership Training” for the Presbytery

May 10                  PNNE PW Retreat – sounds like a good one – details  to come

June 27                 MCPC PW Retreat – possible topic – “Bad Women of the Bible”

July 18                 Shopping Spree at Hussey’s General Store in Windsor
Home of “Guns, Wedding Dresses, and….”

September 26      Provide lunch for the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry

October 3             Fall Fashion Fling for Food

November 14       Christmas Fair – as always, we need everyone’s help!

December 20      Christmas Tea