MCPC at the Farmers’ Market in 2014 … from the Annual Report

This year a small group began spending Tuesday at the Farmer’s market in Brunswick. We even had a lectionary group meeting down on the Green. We sold baked goods, some gluten free but others made by Paula and Diana full of gluten, both enjoyed at the market. We also had some leftover relish and preserves.

But more than selling these foods was happening. We talked with many people and told them where our little church was located. Presbyterians visiting the area were glad to see a sign of familiarity, we saw many people and some came back on a weekly basis. We look forward to interacting with more people in our community and letting them get to know us.

I pray for the many people lost in this world buffeted about in this world. Help them to see that there is a great calling in their life beyond surviving day to day.