Hymns and Communion at the Garden at MCPC in 2014 … from the Annual Report

Hymns and Communion at The Garden: Gathering at the Mid Coast Senior Health Center the second Monday of the month, at 3pm.  We gather for the singing of hymns and the sharing of Holy Communion.  Come sing with us!

Even with memory impairment, everyone remembers the hymns they sang growing up and it is incredible to see the recognition and delight in each face. With this event, we are able to connect folks who are unable to be in church – especially Lee Kester, a beloved member of the choir some years ago. Matile Hugo, Bud Warren, George Hardy and Marcia Foulger have all take turns at being the “song leader” and we are usually accompanied by Joan Warren (Becky Jordan fills in whenever needed). After singing, we “extend the Lord’s table” to share communion with those who are gathered.