Bible Studies at MCPC … from MCPC’s 2014 Annual Report

meets year round, Tuesdays, 10:00 to 11:30 am

Every week, between 6 and 10 people meet with me in to study the texts on which the sermon will be based. After almost 5 years together, we have become quite comfortable with each other so we truly welcome new faces and new perspectives. Occasionally, I will depart from the Lectionary and I rely on the LBS group for feedback and insights into how the congregation might respond – as they did for the series on Christian Death. The greatest gift, to me as preacher, is when members connect the lessons to stories from their own lives. Members of the group have expressed a greater appreciation for the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and an increased understanding of how they are connected to the Gospels and Epistles (New Testament). We always open with updates and prayer requests and we always end with a Psalm. The LBS group is open to the movement of the Spirit and I am privileged to listen in on the conversation.

Please pray courage for members to lead the study (sometimes) and for newcomers to join; may God continue to enrich our time together.



An intrepid group of people got together on several Wednesday nights in January and February to share a meal and tell a story. The Bible story we studied was Moses from birth, to exodus from Egypt, and the long journey to a new home. We used the Presbyterian Women’s Bible study to help guide us through the information.

Each gathering began with a simple meal of soup, salad, and bread. Once we were fed physically we were fed spiritually. God had many things to teach us and I hope that we walked away with a little more of His knowledge.

One participant reflected that she “was left with an overwhelming feeling of connection to the people of the long ago past. Many of the trials and tribulations which they had are still suffered by many here today.”

Let us pray for the migrants and the homeless searching for a place to call home. May God find them where ever they are and lead them in their journey.

   Meets on the 3rd Saturday every month from 8:00 to 9:30am,
   at the Fairgrounds Café at Topsham Fair Mall

The men of MCPC, both members and friends, have been experiencing throughout 2014 a good meal, a good discussion, a good sharing of concerns and a good time of prayer for the people and holy work of our congregation. Each 3rd Saturday of the month, between 8 and 15 men gather to support each other in ‘fellowship’.

We also have kept guys ‘pedal to the metal’ as we pitched in to help with Pumpkin patch, fall raking, spring cleanup and now in planning, a Habitat workday. We consider it to be a worthwhile part of our men’s witness, in spite of the aching muscle and pains.

We always want more of you to come aboard! Nothing is better than to have a good meal, a good discussion, a good Look at the scriptures and a good time to support our ministry and mission with prayer and feasting, which Presbyterians really know how to do best.

Join us one of these Saturdays.

We pray that the men currently involved with the study deepen their faith and fellowship by participating, that service to MCPC and the community expands, and that more men join the group.