Bright Start Early Childhood Center at MCPC in 2014 … from the Annual Report

Bright Start is a great place to work and play and watch the development of young children. We are so proud to work with Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church to offer quality child care for children and families in this area.   We have continuous enrollment throughout the year. In 2014 we averaged 32 children. Of those, there were 10 who were identified with special needs. They received therapy through Child Development Services while at our center. Their needs included speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and developmental therapy. We also partnered with a special education classroom to serve one child.

Because the church does not charge us rent we were able to provide scholarship aid to 13 children totaling $16,600. This is a wonderful opportunity to support families as they struggle to find work or schooling to meet their needs. Our support allows them to work toward their goals of full time employment or returning to school

This year we had four full time staff with a fifth added in September. One of our staff members took a maternity leave and decided not to return to work so we are currently recruiting for another full time staff. We have been very fortunate to have four substitutes who have helped out at various times. We are also most fortunate to have several volunteers from the church who come in to read or help in the classroom. They include Linda Pappin, Shirley Reese, Vida Mitchell, Marci Clark, Pastor Diane and Debbie Patterson. We are also very grateful for the support and close working relationship we have had with the property committee. Without their care of the building and grounds we could not have the wonderful program we do.

This year we were happy to again have our garden project, participate in the pumpkin patch and work with the church for the Giving Tree at Christmas. We also held two wonderful parent nights, making use of the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. We made things for the PW Christmas fair and have been adding something to the Tedford meal each month.

The Board of Directors meets monthly at the church. Our chairperson is Rebecca Monks, a former parent. A second parent representative is Suzanna Lynch. The other members of the board, all members of the church, are Linda Pappin, Marci Clark, Shirley Reese, Joanne Hardy, and Pastor Diane Hoppe-Hugo. Joanne continues as our treasurer with Shirley acting as liaison to session.

Our Board and our Staff value the relationship we have with the church.   Each year we feel more united in service to the community we serve.

Bright Start Director, Eileen Twiddy