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This year has been a Summer of Prophets at MCPC. Pastor Diane is preaching on several of the Old Testament prophets–a wonderful look at who a prophet was, what was happening during their time of ministry, and where do we see the prophets’ teachings in the life and teachings of our Lord Jesus. After all…the books of the prophets were the scriptures of the Hebrew people, and as a devout Jew, no doubt important in Jesus’s education and ministry.

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action. It’s not exactly accurate or appropriate but we try. That’s why there’s so many different ways of describing God…who is like a rock, a lion, a mighty wind, the sun or a consuming fire. God is like a king, like a judge, like a father, and like a mother. It is so hard to fully describe God that dozens and dozens of images and metaphors are used throughout scripture. But no one image will do. No one image can ever define God. Pastor Diane

Sunday, August 7, Pastor Diane spoke on Hosea. A powerful and insightful look at the prophet Hosea. Check it out!
Hosea – Love is Hard

scriptures: Hosea 11:1-9 & Psalm 85

ps: the whole series is good! you can find each of the sermons on MCPC’s YouTube channel. (Or you can watch the whole service at MCPC’s Facebook Videos.)

Elijah & Elisha – June 26 & July 3
Amos – July 10
Micah – July 17
Hosea – August 7
Haggai – August 14
Habakkuk – August 21
Zephaniah – August 28
Jeremiah – September 11
Isaiah – September 18

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