a prayer

A Prayer of thanks for the Women of Alaska
offered by The Rev. Dr. Robert D Nicholson,
Interim Minister Chapel by the Lake, Auke Bay, Juneau, Alaska

On the floor of the Alaska State Senate as Chaplain

For all women, those here in this Chamber and everywhere
who have blest us over the years with their gifts who have
and do touch our lives and strengthen our communities
We give thanks for those who are –
Instruments of mercy and legislators of good.
Savers of patience and spenders of faith,
Teachers and mentors from cradle to grave.
Rockers of children and shakers of cages,
Managers of resources and facilitators of life,
Sewers of teddy bears, banners and quilts,
Scrubbers of faces and dishes and floors,
Tellers of stories and spinners of dreams.
Bearers of babies and burdens and blessings,
Tutors of children and sources of truth,
Builders of egos and Habitat Houses,
Huggers and greeters and makers of peace,
Mothers and sisters, friends and neighbors,
Speakers of wisdom and vessels of grace,
Reflectors of hope, here and every place.

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