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Here’s What’s Going On – the latest from our weekly updates

PRAYERS: We resolve to pray daily for each other, our community, and our world at 10:10 AM or PM, 10:10 AM being the time we worship on the Lord’s Day. Join in whenever you can remember to do so.

Lent Prayers of Intercession for Mental Health, Systemic Poverty, the Environment, Immigrants, Children & Youth, and Structural Racism.

prayers for our country as it is experiencing a resurgence of Covid, and prayers for hospitals that are overflowing with patients and medical personnel are in short supply.

prayers for our country as it continues to deal with, and seeks to address, cultural, economic, and political struggles; prayers for healing as we enter a new year.

prayers for all of us that, in God’s time, may we be safely back together with loved ones and our MCPC family.

prayers for those in our congregation, both those shared and those unspoken.

Mighty God, receive these prayers as sweet incense rising. (Psalm 141)

LENT at MCPC: Lent begins February 17 with Ash Wednesday. You are invited to engage in a new discipline this Lent, opportunities (also included in separate blog posts on this site) include:

ASH WEDNESDAY & IMPOSITION OF ASHES: with Daily Morning Prayers and from 3 to 4:45 PM at the main door of the church (you will remain in your car, Pastor Diane will come to your window).

DAILY MORNING PRAYER: Join us as we read straight through the Psalms from 1 to 150 – on MCPC’s Facebook Live at 10:10 AM Monday through Saturday (and saved in Videos for viewing later).

PICK UP A BOOK: Matthew 25 speaks to Structural Racism – Lent offers an invitation to pick up a book that calls us deeper into the conversation of antiracism. Some suggestions are:
Were You There? Lenten Reflections on the Spirituals, by Luke Powrey
Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Tories from the Front Line by Andhya Rani Jha
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander

THE WAY TO SHALOM: A Lenten Journey to Peace and Wholeness offered online by Presbyterians Today. You can access the daily devotional series here: (The devotional can be downloaded as a PDF. If you would like a copy printed for you please contact the church.)

ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING – opportunities to engage with OGHS, including engagement maps, children’s activities, and coloring pages are available at

LENT MADNESS: Join Pastor Diane once again as she journeys through Lent learning about some of the Saints of God. Check it out at

HANDLED PAPER GROCERY BAGS NEEDED: The Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program is in need of paper grocery bags with handles. If you have some you can donate, they can be brought to MCHPP’s building at 12 Tenney Way in Brunswick. (Go down to the back of the MCHPP building on the right side of the driveway.)

FAITH BASED ADVOCACY SERIES – This 2021 Maine Council of Churches series is designed to inspire and equip Mainers of faith to become advocates for public policies that promote peace built with justice and justice guided by love. Each session will include worship, interactive discussions featuring theologians, policy experts and legislators, and opportunities to develop real-world skills and practice in speaking about policy with the voice of faith. More details, click here to visit the MCC Website.

YOUTUBE! MCPC is now on YouTube. At this point, we are using it to post Sunday Worship Services and Pastor Diane’s sermons (excerpted separately for your viewing.) To find MCPC on YouTube, go to and enter “Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church” in the search box. More info is available on our website, [7.22.2020]

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