Lenten Disciplines 2021

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness at the beginning of his ministry – spending time with what it really meant to be the Son of God and what the journey he was beginning would require. Christians spend 40 days prior to the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection reflecting on the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice and of truly living in and responding to that gift of God’s grace and salvation Christ’s sacrifice brought to us. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (February 17) and continues through Holy Week with Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, & Good Friday (May 28-April 2), culminating with Easter Sunday on April 4.

This Lent you are invited to include a Lenten Discipline in your journey.
We offer the following for your consideration.

Lenten Journey 2021~
The Way to Shalom daily devotional / One Great Hour of Sharing Special Offering / Lent Madness

Daily Morning Prayer with MCPC

You are invited to join us live on www.facebook.com/MCPCMaine (if you get there a little early and prayers are not on yet, you will need to “reload” the page closer to 10:10 to access the live video stream. You may also go to MCPC’s videos page (www.facebook.com/MCPCMaine/videos/) to watch previously recorded Daily Morning Prayer.

The Way to Shalom – the 2021 Lenten Devotional from Presbyterians Today

A Lenten Journey to Peace and Wholeness Lent is all about spiritual renewal. It is a sacred time of preparation for Easter and a time to reflect on what God has done to redeem us and how we can live a whole and full life as a child of God. Many of us see Lent as a season of penitence, fasting, service and contemplation — but at the top of our list should be a prayer for the acquisition of peace. In our devotional this year, we invite you to reflect upon the gift of shalom, the Hebrew word with a host of meanings: peace, security, well-being, health, completeness. Our spiritual goal: exploring how can we receive this gift of shalom and, in turn, bestow it upon the world. Now, more than ever, we deeply crave shalom. Our world is in desperate need of peace. The United States has just come out of a contentious election, a struggle with a global pandemic, and painful racial violence. Poverty, misery and despair fill many corners of the world. Yes, we desire peace. We need peace. Every week from Ash Wednesday (February 17) through Easter (April 4), this year’s devotional focuses on shalom — and what it can mean in our lives and how we can bring it to the world. We explore themes of justice, peace, healing, hope, repairing and reconciliation. You’ll find Scripture readings along with beautiful meditations and prayers written by the director and staff of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness in Washington: the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, Catherine Gordon and Christian Brooks. You’ll be challenged and moved — and hopefully, spiritually enriched. The Way to Shalom is online and free for download or printing. You’re invited to use it, share it, excerpt from it and make it your spiritual companion this Lent.

click here to go to the Lenten Journey to Peace and Wholeness

While Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, service and contemplation, at the top of our list should be a prayer for the acquisition of peace. This year for the season of Lent, we invite you to reflect upon the gift of shalom, the Hebrew word for peace. In the Bible, shalom can be translated not only as peace, but also as tranquility, security, well-being, health, welfare, completeness and safety.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) Special Offering

In a world of disaster, hunger, and oppression Millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity. The three programs supported by One Great Hour of Sharing – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People – all work in different ways to serve individuals and communities in need. From initial disaster response to ongoing community development, their work fits together to provide people with safety, sustenance, and hope.

Lent Madness – a Lenten Journey with some of the Saints of God

As Lent Madness continues to grow and evolve, what won’t change is the essence of Lent Madness: allowing people to get to know some amazing people who have come before us in the faith and reminding one another that there’s no reason for a dreary Lenten discipline. If this helps people connect with the risen Christ during this season of penitence and renewal, and have a bit of fun in the process, then it continues to be worthwhile.


A Saintly version of March Madness for your Lenten journey! Throughout Lent you will learn about the lives of some of the Communion of Saints. And the Madness comes in the head-to-head choices Lent Madness followers must make as they determine who will advance to the next round! Click here to read more about Lent Madness, and here to see the 2021 Lent Madness Bracket !

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