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PRAYERS: We resolve to pray daily for each other, our community, and our world at 10:10 AM or PM, 10:10 AM being the time we worship on the Lord’s Day. Join in whenever you can remember to do so.

prayers for those for whom Christmas is a difficult time of year.

prayers for our country as it is experiencing a resurgence of Covid, and prayers for hospitals that are overflowing with patients and medical personnel are in short supply.

prayers for our country as it continues to deal with, and seeks to address, cultural, economic, and political struggles;

prayers for all of us that, in God’s time, may we be safely back together with loved ones and our MCPC family.

prayers for those in our congregation, both those shared and those unspoken.

Mighty God, receive these prayers as sweet incense rising. (Psalm 141)

JOY OFFERING: DEVELOPING & SUSTAINING OUR LEADERS: God has blessed the Church with incredible leadership in every time and place, but leaders need support as well. The Joy Offering supports leadership development for communities of color and provides support for Presbyterian church workers in their time of need. The Joy Offering is being received at MCPC during Christmastide. Donations may be made by check sent to the church, or through the PayPal donation link on under How to support our ministry (please note JOY on/with your donation.)

BLUE CHRISTMASES AND LONGEST NIGHTS: Just because this is the Season of Joy does not mean that “everything is all right”. You are invited to view the video “Blue Christmases & Longest Nights” on MCPC’s Facebook videos page for an opportunity to acknowledge and spend some healing time with the not “all right” this Christmas.


“Howard Thurman’s classic poem — “I Will Light Candles This Christmas” — says that the light that burns brightly is the light of Christ shining through us. It’s a light that dashes away sadness with joy, replaces fear with courage and banishes despair with hope.” Thus begins this year’s Presbyterian’s Today Advent Devotions.

This year’s devotional is online at (You can also download and print a PDF.) The devotional’s theme is based on lighting those candles featured in Thurman’s poem — challenging us to shine not only through the four weeks of Advent, but also through the 12 days of Christmas and ending with the celebration of Epiphany.

I Will Light Candles This Christmas

I will light candles this Christmas,
Candles of joy despite all the sadness,
Candles of hope where despair keeps watch,
Candles of courage for fears ever present,
Candles of peace for tempest-tossed days,
Candles of grace to ease heavy burdens,
Candles of love to inspire all my living,
Candles that will burn all year long.

By Howard Thurman

A HANDFUL OF PRAYERS: A SERMON SERIES BASED ON PRAYER BEADS. At 10:10 AM, Monday through Saturday, many of us gather on Facebook for Morning Prayer, a practice that has become an essential part of beginning our day. Another way to practice prayer is to use a set of prayer beads to guide us as we pray. Not every set of prayer beads is the same—but their commonality is that each bead serves as a reminder of one piece of our prayer. Many of us have a set from “Faces of Children” based on the needs of children. The “Handful of Prayers” sermons this Fall will offer another grouping of beads to lead us through prayers we can offer on a regular basis.

 INJUSTICE HURTS ALL OF US! In her October 4 sermon, “Every Day Decisions”, Pastor Diane referenced two documents. One is “100 Ways You Can Take Action Against Racism Right Now” which was originally published in USA Today (May 29, 2020 with update July 8) and the other is the recent guest column, “Brunswick Must Resist Hatred” printed in both the Portland Press Herald and the Times Record from the Board of the Brunswick Area Interfaith Council, of which Pastor Diane is the current president.

100 ways you can take action against racism right now
Brunswick Must Resist Hatred

YOUTUBE! MCPC is now on YouTube. At this point, we are using it to post Sunday Worship Services and Pastor Diane’s sermons (excerpted separately for your viewing.) To find MCPC on YouTube, go to and enter “Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church” in the search box. More info is available on our website, [7.22.2020]

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