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PRAYERS: We resolve to pray daily for each other, our community, and our world at 10:10 AM or PM, 10:10 AM being the time we worship on the Lord’s Day. Join in whenever you can remember to do so.

prayers for our country as it is experiencing hurricanes, crop damage, drought, Covid hot spots, and cultural, economic, and political struggles;

prayers for students, teachers, and families as we go “back to school” this fall;

prayers for those so discouraged and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic;

prayers for insight and commitment to dismantle structural racism;

prayers for those in our congregation, both those shared and those unspoken.

Mighty God, receive these prayers as sweet incense rising. (Psalm 141)

A HANDFUL OF PRAYERS: A SERMON SERIES BASED ON PRAYER BEADS. At 10:10 AM, Monday through Saturday, many of us gather on Facebook for Morning Prayer, a practice that has become an essential part of beginning our day. Another way to practice prayer is to use a set of prayer beads to guide us as we pray. Not every set of prayer beads is the same—but their commonality is that each bead serves as a reminder of one piece of our prayer. Many of us have a set from “Faces of Children” based on the needs of children. The “Handful of Prayers” sermons this Fall will offer another grouping of beads to lead us through prayers we can offer on a regular basis.

PUMPKIN PATCH 2020 ~ PUMPKIN PATCH in the PRESS! Did you see the photo essay on the FRONT PAGE of the Times Record on Wednesday, Oct 21? If not, you can check it out here!

The Pumpkin Patch is open for business! Noon to 6 PM daily through October 31 (weather permitting). Copntact Shirley Reese to sign up to work!

Peaceful Kingdom: Random Acts of Kindness by Animals, edited by Stephanie Laland: it spoke about Russian geographer and zoologist Peter Kropotkin’s theory of “Survival of the most cooperative” based on what he observed in biological evolution, contrary to fellow scientist Charles Darwin’s “theory of the survival of the fittest”.
Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman: Bregman is more recent proponent of Kropotkin’s theory and this book explores history, and debunked science experiments, to argue humanity’s negative self-perception is misguided. You can hear more from him on NPR in book reviews and interviews.

 INJUSTICE HURTS ALL OF US! In her October 4 sermon, “Every Day Decisions”, Pastor Diane referenced two documents. One is “100 Ways You Can Take Action Against Racism Right Now” which was originally published in USA Today (May 29, 2020 with update July 8) and the other is the recent guest column, “Brunswick Must Resist Hatred” printed in both the Portland Press Herald and the Times Record from the Board of the Brunswick Area Interfaith Council, of which Pastor Diane is the current president.

100 ways you can take action against racism right now
Brunswick Must Resist Hatred

A BIG THANKS to the congregation for opening their hearts in support of the disaster relief effort for JZS Ncevu Memorial Church. Your prayers and financial gifts are a blessing to JZS Ncevu in their recovery from the storm damage to their church building; the financial gifts wired to JZS Ncuvu totaled $865. Stay tuned for feedback from Ncevu on how the resulting church repairs turn out!

YOUTUBE! MCPC is now on YouTube. At this point, we are using it to post Sunday Worship Services and Pastor Diane’s sermons (excerpted separately for your viewing.) To find MCPC on YouTube, go to and enter “Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church” in the search box. More info is available on our website, [7.22.2020]

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