Week of Action

“To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” — Proverbs 21:3

“God sends the Church to work for justice in the world: exercising its power for the common good; dealing honestly in personal and public spheres; seeking dignity and freedom for all people…” — Book of Order, W-5.0304

WEEK of ACTION: August 24–30, 2020

“It is abundantly clear through the gospel narrative and the greater witness of the Bible, that God has called us, as people of faith, to seek justice for those most marginalized in our world. As a Matthew 25 denomination, it is the vision of our church to eradicate white supremacy and dismantle institutionalized racism. Furthermore, in an effort to do the “hands & feet” work the Lord ordains, we must act and bear witness to the gospel in these crucial times.”

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is offering special events from August 24–30, 2020 devoted to both education about and action on these issues. Visit PC(USA) Week of Action – August 24-30 to read more about and to get involved with this opportunity.

from the Week of Action website:

Why are we saying that “Presbyterians Affirm Black Lives Matter”?

Simply put: because Black lives do indeed matter. They/we matter to God, which means they/we should matter to God’s people. Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community, the PC(USA) Churchwide Antiracism Policy, first adopted in 1999 and revised in 2016, proclaims the following:

“While recognizing that racism victimizes many different racial ethnic groups, we acknowledge its unique impact on the African American community. Given the particular forms that anti-Black racism has taken in the United States of America both historically (including slavery and Jim Crow) and today (including mass incarceration, disproportionate policing, economic inequality, and continuing acts of racially oriented violence and hate), we state clearly: GOD LOVES BLACKNESS. Too many have denied this basic truth for too long. Our choice to align ourselves with love and not hate requires both a rejection of racism and a positive proclamation that God delights in Black lives.”

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