Reverse Advent Boxes

This Sunday – Epiphany – we bring our “Reverse Advent Box*” items to church as we remember the Magi bringing their gifts to the Christ Child.

*This Advent, the congregation was invited to mark off the days until Christmas by creating a Reverse Advent Box – putting an item for someone in need into a box at home – kind of a reverse Advent Calendar.  Below are the listed (suggested) items to go inside the box throughout Advent:

For Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program, Tedford Shelter, Gathering Place
Canned Soup & Fruit
Peanut Butter
Mac & Cheese
Meal in a Can (Ravoli, Beef Stew, Spaghetti O’s, etc
Healthier Boxes Cereal – Cheerios, Raisin Bran, etc

Things to Keep Folks Warm:
Hats                Gloves
Socks               Blankets
Scarves           Sleeping bags

Shampoo                    Soap
Toothpaste                Toothbrushes
Feminine Products   Toilet paper

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