Holy Week Services 2014

Palm-Sunday-Wallpaper-02Palm Sunday & Sunday of the Passion      April 20, 2014 10:10 am




Maundy Thursday Service     

April 17, 2014    7:00 pm

You are invited to bring canned goods for The Mid-Coast Hunger Prevention Program to be collected at the Worship service.

The Rev. Dr. J. Barrie Shepherd will offer the meditation and we will gather around the Lord’s Table for communion;  the service will be followed by readings of Rev. Shepherd’s Holy Week poetry.  Books for signing will also be available with proceeds going to “The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.”


Sunday of the Resurrection!

Sunrise Service 5:45 am on the lawn in front of church
Worship at 10:10 am followed by Family Dinner together



Healthy Fun Families Flyer

Healthy Fun Families Flyer

Don’t miss this exciting event on April 5, 2014 at the church!

Sermon Series for Lent

windowsThe 6 Great Ends of the Church

Do you know all 6? Not to worry, we still need a cheat sheet.

This past Sunday, we began with

#1 The Proclamation of the Gospel for the Salvation of Humankind

Consider how you would answer these questions:  

What does it mean to be “Christian”?

Why are you a “Christian”?

Are there other groups doing what Christians used to do and are Christians even relevant to today’s world? (so what makes us different?)

What is YOUR “Good News” message (in 7 words or less)?

See this link to Christian Century: http://www.christiancentury.org/category/keywords/whats-gospel-seven-words?page=1

Sunday, March 23:   #2 The Shelter, Nurture, and Spiritual Fellowship of the Children of God

Image for 6 Great ends comes from Stained Glass Windows from Green Hill Presbyterian Church in Enterprise, Alabama — http://greenhillpc.wordpress.com/about-green-hill/stained-glass-windows/


Welcome to Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church

photo courtesy of Melissa Mullen Photography of Portland, ME
photo courtesy of Melissa Mullen Photography of Portland, ME

Our Mission…

We, the people of Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church, are a community of faith called into existence by God to be a part of the Body of Christ in the world. Using the gifts we have been given through God’s Holy Spirit, we engage in mission and ministry to a world that stands in need of God’s love, healing, and grace. God calls us to demonstrate His love for all through worship, study, fellowship, community, caring, healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.